Invest in Bitcoin with a strategy

Automate your Bitcoin trading with The AlgoTrader Strategy© to beat the market. Stop losing out with passive Bitcoin investing - start following the strategy that consistently gives higher profits with lower risk.

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The AlgoTrader Strategy© provides a proven way to invest in Bitcoin with lower risk and higher returns. Each day, the strategy provides a sentiment number that either tells you to be invested in Bitcoin or to sell and go cash. This allows you to be invested during the bull markets while avoiding the worst of the bear markets. The result is a trading strategy giving you higher returns and lower risk than just buying and holding on to Bitcoin.

"I love the simplicity of the product. While other trading strategies focus more on returns only, it's great with a focus bot on the risk and returns. Thanks for providing great value for a small investment! - Chris Koern Alex (@chalex), Twitter, May 30 2018

AlgoTrader Strategy profit tracker

Avg. profit per year: 261.54% / year (2012 - 2021)
Profit 2021 so far (Dec 4): 60.97%

Latest free AlgoTrader Strategy index (Nov 22 2021): 118.81. Join to see today's sentiment
Current recommendation: 100% in Bitcoin
An index score below 100 means you should be 100% cash. An index score equal to or above 100 means you should be 100% in Bitcoin. The free sentiment is 10 days old. It's free to see the +10 days old sentiments - to see the live sentiment and receive updates, join as a premium member.

Higher profit, lower risk

The AlgoTraders Strategy© performs in average 262% per year, beating Bitcoin with over 25% percent point per year. At the same time, it lowers your risk, resulting in a risk-reward score sigficantly better than Bitcoin. Not just one year - every year.

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The AlgoTrader Strategy© provides a sentiment score based on a mix of price momentum and volatility momentum indicators. It has outperformed Bitcoin consistently, both on profit and risk every year since Bitcoin started trading in 2012.

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Simple to follow

The AlgoTrader Strategy© is transparent and easy to follow. It will at any time tell you to be in Bitcoin or in cash (such as fiat USD). As a member, you can follow its recommendations in real-time and get updates as soon as you need to trade.

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Outperforms passive Bitcoin investing

Take a look at the following chart. It shows you what would have happened if you put $100 into The AlgoTrader Strategy© in 2012 and $100 into Bitcoin and held on to it. The red periods are periods when The AlgoTrader Strategy© tells you to move into cash (USD).

Your Bitcoin investment would have returned you a nice $85,000. Not bad. But The AlgoTrader Strategy© you would have $240,000. Which strategy do you choose?
AlgoTrader Strategy© performance
BTC Benchmark performance

Based on sentiment

Every day The AlgoTrader Strategy© outputs an index. If the index is over 100 it means you should be invested in Bitcoin, if it's under 100 it means you should be in cash. It's that simple. As a free member you can get a monthly e-mail with the index score for each day in the month. But to get maximum value from the strategy, you must be updated in real time with a premium membership.
2021-11-19 123.5
2021-11-20 122.48
2021-11-21 122.29
2021-11-22 118.81
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Backtested - it works

We have backtested The AlgoTrader Strategy© back to when Bitcoin started trading in 2012. As you can see below, every year it delivers both higher returns and lower risk than Bitcoin. As a result, if you invested $100 in our strategy, in just (9.9 years) years, you would have $1402600 now in December 2021.

Sure, a passive buy-and-hold investment in Bitcoin will also have given a nice return, but 8 out of the last 9 years, the AlgoTrader Strategy outperforms the buy-and-hold strategy. We will let those numbers speak on their own:

With The AlgoTrader Strategy©: Bitcoin benchmark
Total returns for period: 1402640% 501804%
Returns annually: 261.54% (9.93 years) 235.83% (9.93 years)
Sharpe ratio: 1.79 1.59